Tattoo Removal Explained

Lasers treat tattoos by selectively passing through the skin, to target the flecks of dry ink that compose at tattoo, or accidental debris of an accidental tattoo. The laser light will not “see” the skin, and will pass through it to the second layer of skin where the ink was deposited. The dry flecks of ink shatter into smaller pieces. The blood stream of the skin has specialized cells, that are designed to absorb and carry away any “garbage” or debris that is not useful to our bodies. These cells in our blood can now absorb the tattoo ink or debris, since it is smaller, and carry it away to the organs of our bodies that process waste. The skin in the area can remain unmarked, and the tattoo can completely go away. Since tattoos vary in amount of ink deposited and location, a custom estimate is required to determine how many treatments are required, and length of time involved for the tattoo to be gone.All photos in this site are unretouched with the exception of being optimized for web use.

Multicolor Tattoo Removal

Multicolor Tattoo

Multicolor Tattoo


Cosmetic Tattoo Removal (eyebrows)


Accidental Tattoo Removal (asphalt)

Asphalt Scar