Brown and Black Birthmarks/Age Spots/Hyperpigmentation

The AlexTriVantage laser  produces a wavelength of  light that is optimum for absorption of discolored skin in the epidermal and dermal layers of skin. The top discolored skin is produced by cells in the second layer of skin that are designed to make skin color. When these cells have had too much exposure to sun over time, they start to build up a store of pigment inside of the cell, programming the cell to make constant color, as an age spot, or lentigine. The laser light will see the top discolored skin, will peel it, and will continue through the skin, sparing the pigment-making cell itself, and will clean out its store of extra pigment. This cell will now behave, and make normal skin color…until once again this skin gets repeated sun exposure. The age spot can start all over again. We discuss with patients about their skin and inherited limitation for sun tolerance, and prevention techniques. Usually 1-2 treatments can remove age spots. Typical problems that consist of brown discoloration that the laser treats include:

  • Age spots, freckles
  • Generalized brown discoloration or hyperpigmentation
  • Brown scar discolorations
  • Some brown birthmarks
  • Nevus of Ota

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Nevus of Ota (black birthmark)

Nevus of Ota



Brown Spots