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Redness • Rosacea • Port Wine Stain • Hemangioma
Redness and Tissue Thinning  Rosacea  Port Wine Stain (red birthmark)  Hemangioma
Facial Capillaries
facial Capillaries  Facial Capillaries
Nevus of Ota (black birthmark)
 Nevus of Ota  Nevus of Ota   Nevus of Ota
Asphalt Scar • Medication Stain
Asphalt Scar    Medication Stain
Multicolor Tattoo Removal
 Tattoo Removal           Multicolor Tattoo Removal            Multicolor Tattoo Removal
Multicolored Tattoo Removal    Multicolor Tattoo Removal     Multicolor Tattoo Removal
 Cosmetic Tattoo Removal
Cosmetic Tattoo (eyeliner)                       Cosmetic Tattoo Removal (eyebrows
Hair Removal
 Hair Removal (back)       Hair Removal

Hair Removal (man's neck)    Hair Removel (woman's chin)  

Brown Spots
Brown Spots  Brown spots  Brown spots   
Scar  Scar  Surgical Scar     Scar
Acne Scars
Acne Acne scar
 Sun Damage 
Sun Damage 2 Sun Damagesun damage 2