Candela Vbeam

The Candela Vbeam laser is a Q-switched pulsed-dye laser that produces a 595nm wavelength of laser light, especially optimized to treat benign vascular lesions. The light from the laser is selectively absorbed by the vessels of the lesion, passing harmlessly through the surrounding tissue. The vessels are then destroyed, and layer by layer the lesions can clear. Some vessels are meshed in a tight network in the skin forming the unwanted red color, visible in rosacea, red birthmarks, and in generalized redness of the neck and chest from long-term sun exposure and repeated sunburns. Other vessels supply blood to warts under the nails or on the hands and feet. Red spider veins and red raised or flat angiomas can be treated and removed. The red discoloration in scars from vessels may be removed, improving the appearance of the scar, when the healing is complete. The heating action deep in the dermal layer also causes collagen fibers to re-strand, and enhance smooth collagen-supported skin.The laser can treat: Red birthmarks, spider veins, redness of the face from rosacea, redness of the face, neck and chest from sun damage, raised red spots on the skin called angiomas, red scars, some warts, and clear raised growths of the overactive sebaceous oil glands. Treatments to grow collagen will smooth the skin and support it to decrease and prevent fine wrinkling. Laser treatments in conjunction with facials and skin peels are recommended.Number of treatments needed: Most lesions take two to three treatments to clear, and more if the lesion is comprised of a dense matt of vessels as in a birthmark.

Cost: The minimum charge for treatment with this laser is $150. Exceptions are given for treatments totaling less than 5 pulses, where the minimum fee would be $75-$100. Fees may range from $150/tx to $1,250/tx. Patients may be treated for one site, or multiple sites during one visit. If several sites are treated, the fee for each treatment site will become less because as more pulses are used the pulse price decreases. The fee will be determined at a consultation/estimate appointment prior to treatment. The $25 consultation fee is applied to the laser treatment.