Candela Gentle YAG

The Candela Gentle YAG laser is a Q-switched neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser that produces a 1064nm wavelength of laser light, especially optimized to treat black or dark hair on all shades of skin of all nationalities. The hair is heated and the associated hair follicle in its antigen phase is then heated and destroyed. Since hairs grow in cycles and different hairs are in different cycles at different times, treatments are optimum if done once every 4-6 weeks to catch the follicles in the antigen phase. The heating action deep in the dermal layer from this laser also causes collagen fibers to re-strand and enhances smooth collagen-supported skin.The laser can treat: Black or dark hair on all nationalities and all shades of skin.

Number of treatments needed: Different nationalities have different amounts of hair growth. Most patients need 6-8 treatments for hair removal, but some nationalities need as many as 10-14 treatments. Treatments are usually 4-5 weeks apart in order to catch hairs in the antigen phase when hair follicles are most receptive to receiving the heat from the affected hair and becoming injured or destroyed.

Cost: The minimum charge for treatment with this laser is $150. Exceptions are given for treatments totaling less than 8 pulses, where the minimum fee would be $75. Fees may range from $150/tx to $600/tx. Patients may be treated for one site, or multiple sites during one visit. If several sites are treated, the fee for each treatment site will become less because as more pulses are used the pulse price decreases. The fee will be determined at a consultation/estimate appointment prior to treatment. The $25 consultation fee is applied to the laser treatment.