Candela AlexTriVantage

The Candela AlexTriVantage is a Q-switched alexandrite laser and garnet laser that produces 755nm, 1064nm, and 532nm wavelengths of light that selectively targets black, blue, green, brown, red, orange and violet colors.  This color attraction allows the laser to selectively target and treat tattoo inks, accidental tattoos, and pigmented lesions. The laser treats age spots, freckles, keratosis, hyperpigmentation, pigmented scars, and brown or black birthmarks such as Nevus of Ota. This laser removes tattoos by breaking the ink into smaller fragments so that the body can absorb them. The laser treats light to dark pigmented spots and hyperpigmentation by treating the top layer of skin as a peel, and penetrates into the dermal layer, treating the pigment store inside the cell that makes skin pigment, and destroys pigment in the dermal layer as well. Number of treatments needed: Most tattoos take 2-3 years to completely disappear. A tattoo will  be treated every two to three months to allow the ink to clear, and the skin to rest. Age spots or pigmented skin lesions take one to two treatments to clear. The top skin forms a very thin paper-like scab after treatment, which usually falls off in 5-7 days. New skin is revealed and is usually clear, but may need a second treatment. 

Cost: The minimum charge for treatment with this laser is $150. Exceptions are given for treatments totaling lass than 10 pulses, where the minimum fee would be $75. Fees may range from $150/tx to $450/tx. Patients may be treated for one tattoo, or several tattoos during one visit. Pigmented lesions may be treated all over the body at one sitting. If several sites are treated, the fee for each treatment site will become less because as more pulses are used the pulse price decreases. The fee will be determined at a consultation/estimate appointment prior to treatment. The $25 consultation fee is applied to the laser treatment.